Wireless Technologies in Mass Transit for Convenience and Safety

Modern Mass Transit is making it easier for commuters, especially with the latest inter connecting wireless technologies. Many buses, commuter trains, shuttles and even trolley cars now have WiFi wireless computer access so no one is out of touch during the travel time. This is being done now in Baltimore to NY trains and in Sacramento to San Francisco Trains thanks to Amtrak. After all we now have WiFi hotspots at McDonalds, Kinko’s, Book Stores, Starbucks, Airports and hotel lobbies already.

By having these amenities we can get people to stay out of their cars and enjoy the commute and or take a high speed train on their next trip; not to mention save the gasoline which is approaching $3.00 per gallon. Once the system is built the operational costs are relatively low considering the costs of expanding airports which tend to have cyclical trends during boom and bust years and thus hard to manage your ROI, with gates becoming empty and then new gates which need to be built in the up cycle. One only has to follow the sector rotations of the airline industry and take a trip through the California desert and look at Billions of dollars of Airliners sitting hibernated which may never be used again. Between the cutthroat price wars, Bankruptcy tactics and now era of International Terrorism we need to rethink our transportation strategy to include other redundancy methods, which can deliver the speed and comfort that we use to have in Commercial Aviation.

We have only a couple Nationwide Bus Companies that deliver people across the country. We need to insure buses are safe also in the era of International Terrorism and at the same time we need to increase usage and ridership. New interconnected wireless technologies can do both. Since you are already on the Internet you can send video feed back to the command and control for the mass transit system and constantly monitor.

Providing amenities to commuters and safety at the same time will bring riders back and let’s face it no one wants to pay $85.00 each week to fill up their SUV with gasoline. Now is a good time to coax the public back to the mass transit systems we have already set up and improve the economies of scale to make those old embellished proformas used to float the bond measure a reality. Can technology really do all that? Perhaps it can. Think about it.

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The Best Way To Get Real Estate Listings

The Real Estate Industry is HUGE and is a golden opportunity
for real estate agents. National average home sales exceed
$200,000.00 and real estate commissions are big and

No wonder so many people are getting licensed as real estate
agents. And why not? You can make a lot of money selling
real estate. But being licensed is only the first step, as
more and more people are getting licensed to cash in on the

The Second Step. The most successful real estate agents have
lots of listings. Although getting them is easier said than
done, you can do it if you have a good real estate listing

With listings you triple your chances of earning commissions
and bonuses. When the listings sell you’ll be paid a listing
fee, a sales fee, or both. Conversely, if you don’t have
listings you’ll only get paid when you sell a property.

A system that some work to near perfection focuses on
Expired Real Estate Listings, which are a great source of
leads. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money
prospecting for them, as they’re always just a couple of
keystrokes away.

Go ahead, let’s try it right now! Log onto your Multiple
Listing System service, print out an update report and wah,
lah! In seconds you’ll have a complete update of all the
expired listings for any time frame you want.

The MLS update report will provide you with just about
everything you need to know to relist expired real estate
listings. You can get the seller’s name, mailing address,
property address, phone number, type of property, current
asking price, price reductions during the listing period,
how much the taxes are and anything else that you even think
you might want to know about these properties.

Unlike fsbos, cold calls and other lead generating systems,
owners of expired listings are almost always warm,
responsive prospects. Also, they are typically still Realtor
friendly and are already sold on the idea of doing business
with a real estate agent – again.

But wait a second. Although expired real estate listings are
easy to find you still need to know what to do to get them.

Converting Expired Listings to New Ones Converting expired
listings to current listings is like most other things. You
have to have the right tools and skill set to get the job
done, or else you end up wasting lots of valuable time and
money. In this instance it could cost you tens of
thousands of dollars in lost commissions.

Owners of expired listings are as close to a captive
audience as you’re going to get in real estate. Many still
want to sell their properties and may be tired of being
stuck. Stuck with bad tenants, double mortgages, property
taxes they’d hoped to avoid having to pay.

Sure, some change their minds and decide not to sell. But
many are still primed to relist again and are waiting for
the right Realtor with the right approach. That can be you
as easily as anybody else. But you have to come prepared,
or don’t come at all.

With so much at stake and so much money to earn do yourself
a favor and get yourself a real estate listing system. Even
as you read this agents with systems are getting listings.
What’s that phrase again? He who hesitates _____!

Without a system of some kind you might be yet another
person who tried and failed. But with one you can become an
impact player and making a good living doing what you want
to do.

Remember, owners of expired listings have a problem that you
can help resolve. But in order to get their business you must
come with your “A” game.

If you don’t have a real estate listing system you should get
one. The few dollars you spend now will be returned a
thousand times over and may prove to be one of the best
investments you ever made.