Real Estate for Sale – Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Ballarat Real Estate – Tips to prepare your house for SaleSome basic steps to get your house ready for sale.
Make a list of any repairs that need to be done such as dripping taps, broken locks, cracked tiles and do them.
Make sure your house is as clean as possible, hire a cleaning company for a spring clean is necessary. Pay particular attention to windows and areas like light switches and door handles.
Get the carpets professionally cleaned. Wash the floors before an open inspection.
Repainting makes a huge difference to the way the house looks, but be sure to choose neutral colours appeal to a broader audience, now is not the time to experiment with bold colours.
Outside and in the garden, take any rubbish to the dump, tidy up all your plants and wash down the paths and the house. Repainting may be necessary.
Check the roof and make any repairs. The first impression of your house from the street is vitally important.
Make sure the front garden is tidy at all times – you never know when a potential buyer will drive past.
If your furniture has seen better days it may be worth hiring some items for open inspection days.
If the rooms are overfull with furniture take some pieces out and store them to make the rooms look bigger.
You get your house ready for sale consider what storage space is available from a buyers prospective. Clean out any storage areas, organize cupboard space and straighten up shelves – get rid of clutter and junk now you don’t want to take it with you anyway. All of this will make the most out of the storage spaces in your home.
A good real estate agent will guide you in the best ways to prepare your house for sale.